I Live on Beta 3

Don’t be a Landru, be an Archon.

The Return of the Archons

One of my favorite Star Trek episodes from the Original Crew series was “The Return of the Archons” (Season 1: Ep 22). Kirk, Spock and McCoy find themselves on this earth-like planet stuck in a non-progressive society that is controlled through fear by Landru. Everyone goes about in some zombie daze spewing out “peace, joy, tranquility to you” but are quick to tattle on those not conforming to society’s rules. Those that are not with the ways of Landru get absorbed. Once absorbed they walk around saying “the body is one, the body is whole”. Anything to the contrary and you’re a traitor! Sounds like a sick society, doesn’t it? What’s with all the hypnotized thinking? Where did all the freethinkers go?

“Mindlessness. Vacant contentment.” – Captain Kirk.

Kirk watching their world turn into madness. Are they fighting over toilet paper?

You start to identify with the Archons. At least you should, right? Nobody should be walking around conforming to this mysterious ruler and these strange laws that make no sense. A ruler that tracks you everywhere. Granted the society gets 12 hours of uninhibited madness which is interesting. They’re contained during the day until the clock strikes and they just destroy everything. However if you go off-script, you will be destroyed by the lawmakers with tubes that they point at you which are hollow by the way. HOLLOW. There’s nothing in them. That’s what they use to instill fear into the people. Hollow tubes. How prolifically symbolic.

Karen snitching to the lawmakers.

Quotes to Live By

“It is clear that you simply do not understand.”

“You cannot.”

“You bring an infection. You’re not of the body.”

Describing the Archons: “Free. Out of control. Who resist Landru.”

“Your individuality will be merged with the good.”

“You have heard the word and disobeyed.”

“You will be absorbed.”

(You’ll be vaccinated whether you want to or not.)

“He’s summoning the body.” (this is where the hypnotized people pick up stones to destroy the Archons) You know the guys telling you the truth which IS SO HARD TO HEAR for these people because they’re under some hypnotized state!


Here is Landru talking about how their society is for the good. Even though Kirk responds saying they are on a peaceful mission, Landru keeps at it. You’re wrong, I’m always right. We are the ones who are peaceful. And well you Archons are not.

“He doesn’t hear you, Captain.” ~Mr. Spock. Precisely these folks won’t hear you.

Oddly Landru bears strong resemblance to the mayor of Chicago.

This is what happens when the segment of the population is hypnotized and won’t listen to ANYTHING. You ever try to reason with a stubborn child who insists that his way is the only way? Well that’s how it is. It’s happening in millions of convos all across social media on this turd world, I mean on Beta 3. You’re ignorant! I won’t listen to you. You’re wrong. 

Remember you’re not of the body. You bring an infection. 

You’re actually questioning why things are they the way they are. You bad Archon you!

So why am I paralleling this episode with this world?

Because sadly this turd world mirrors so much of what Beta 3 is. Right now this world is vibrating at such a low level, highly advanced beings wouldn’t want to set foot on it. Trust me, Kirk and crew wanted to high-tail out of Beta 3 but had to go rescue a crewman who was absorbed.

Same on Earth, there are two groups. One has been absorbed into thinking that the measures of lockdown, wearing of masks etc are “for the good of the body”. If you don’t conform, Landru will know because they’ll tell the lawmakers on you. And Landru sees all.

The stories told via the OG Star Trek series have so many golden nuggets of wisdom and intelligent perspective. I’m always finding new stuff whenever I watch it. We can still learn so much from a decade like the 1960s. That same decade that went through the Hong Kong virus (H3N2) that killed over 1 million people worldwide and over 100,000 Americans. They didn’t shut anything down but held Woodstock. What were they thinking? Those freakin’ Archons, dammit! 

Now if you are of Landru, you’d be telling me I am not of body and that I mean the body harm. As an Archon, I’m telling you that a flimsy mask doesn’t protect you from a virus -it even says so on the package- but that a strong immune system protects you. And people have compromised their immunity with bad foods and lifestyles. I know because I learned my lesson years ago but that’s on another blog post. Click here if you dare to read! Oh but I shouldn’t be talking about that. You know Landru on this planet figures prominently. You mustn’t talk about stuff like V-i-t-a-m-i-n C or you’ll be destroyed by the lawmakers with their hollow tubes. (ie. c-e-n-s-o-r-e-d).

This whole episode sounds like the sad conversations I’ve been having online. I don’t believe a mask will protect you from a virus. It actually suffocates you and weakens your immune system, causes the body to create an acidic environment with all the CO2 you keep breathing back in. But what do I know? I’m a silly Archon!

Another interesting aspect of this episode, is when Reger takes out an advanced light box. Meaning at one time, their civilization used free thinking and invented things, advanced technologies. They weren’t dumbed down like they are now NOT questioning anything that goes on in their society. Of course in 2020, we have advanced technologies yet still are in a dumbed down state. Why is that? Hmm.

“They’re wonderful. They’re the sweetest. The friendliest people in the universe. It’s paradise.” ~ Sulu.

So what happens in the end?

Well Landru turns out to be a machine. You know AI – artificial intelligence. Exactly where we should be getting our guidelines from in running a society, right? A cold, unfeeling machine. Haven’t most of our so-called leaders become like cold, unfeeling machines?

Mr. Spock sums it up perfectly: “Their reaction to your defiance was remarkably similar to the reaction of computer when fed insufficient or contradictory data.” Their society had no soul. Sounds like this planet.

Folks who follow me on FB, know how I’ve been talking about building my spaceship. Now you know why. I don’t belong here. This is #NOT MY PLANET.

Peace Out~


Star Trek can still be viewed on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Local channels still air the show. I encourage you to watch the episode!

Don’t be a Landru, be an Archon!

PS. I know I’ll get flack from the Landruites. By no means am I saying that health care professionals should not be wearing masks or PPE. It’s their job, they have to. But force-mandating the general public, well sounds like Landru is calling the shots.

Oh and being that most are quite predictable in their behavior here on Beta 3, please don’t lecture me that this is about religious stupor. I mean it can be but that’s not the point of my writing. That’s just brushing my point off. Typical Landruite!


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